Sector and Biome studies

© Yann Arthus Bertrand – Rainforest rainbow

Building on the TEEB approach to mainstream ecosystem services and biodiversity in decision making, study scoping has been initiated for two biomes (Oceans and Coasts; Water and Wetlands), one sector (TEEB for Agriculture and Food); and one bioregion (Arctic).


Sector Studies

A study on ‘TEEB for Agriculture and Food’ is underway to reveal the benefits of preserving ecosystems, bridge the knowledge gaps of the ecosystem services and functions they provide to agriculture and food. The goal of the study is to support the mainstreaming of biodiversity and ecosystem considerations into national policy-making and broader societal perspectives. Read more

Biome Studies

Biomes such as oceans and coasts are home to diverse and unique plant forms and animals. Yet they continue to be rapidly lost due to human activity. Building on our approach to draw attention to the economic benefits of ecosystems services, two studies TEEB for Oceans and Coasts and TEEB for Water and Wetlands have been produced. Read more