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Ecosystem Valuation Pilot Study (focus on mining)


Ms. Nara Luvson
Nara.luvson [at}

Mr. Erik Grigoryan

Project Description:

Ecosystem Valuation Pilot Study is a project focused on ecosystem services in an integrated way, emphasizing on the importance of economic valuations to inform on poverty-reduction and human-well being in general, and ecosystem enhancement policies at the national, provincial and local levels. Special attention will be given to the mining sector activities in Armenia.

The research activities will be led by the National Group of Independent Experts, with an active involvement of the Ministry of Nature Protection, other relevant ministries and agencies, academic, business sectors and civil society organizations. A core local expert group consisting of Environmental Economist, Socio-economist and Mining Economist has been established, work plan defined and outputs clarified. The Project inception workshop was conducted in May 2012 at which the major ideas and outputs were presented to state and professional institutions and the general public.

Implementers and donors: UNDP-UNEP PEI, Armenia’s Ministry of Nature Protection, Ministry of Economy, Prime-minister’s office (Deputy head of staff of the Government), Regional Administration of Syunik Marz, Local authorities of four communities (Pilot Area). Intergovernmental multi-stakeholder National Council on Sustainable Development chaired by the Prime-minister of Armenia will ensure strategic oversees.


Ecosystem Services & their Role in Poverty Alleviation in Suynik Province, Armenia – PowerPoint Presentation