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ASEAN TEEB Scoping Study

Regional (Southeast Asia)

Mr. Norman Emmanuel C. Ramirez
Programme Management Officer
ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
Telefax: +63 49 536 2865

Project Description:

The objective of the ASEAN TEEB Scoping Study is to pursue the mainstreaming process of the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity by conducting an assessment and valuation of key ecosystems and ecosystem services in Southeast Asia. The study also aims to assist ASEAN Member States to develop green growth economies.

Implementers and donors: ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, UNEP, GIZ, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


ASEAN Scoping StudyThe ASEAN TEEB Scoping Study

The Scoping Study reviewed existing evidence on the value of ecosystem services in Southeast Asia, identified key critical ecosystems and ecosystems services and recommended policy relevant case studies in ASEAN Member States to be conducted in a future full ASEAN TEEB study.