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TEEB Scoping Study for Georgia


Ioseb Kartisivadze

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

s.kartsivadze [at]

Tamaz Gamkrelidze

WWF Caucasus Programme

tgamkrelidze [at]

Ivonne Higuero

United Nations Environment Programme


Project Description:

The Government of Georgia in 2012 became one of the pilot countries for TEEB and  volunteered to assess its natural capital, with the ultimate objective of valuing it, including non-monetary values, and the services provided by the country’s ecosystems.Therefore in 2012 a TEEB scoping exercise was initiated to identify policy priorities which could inform and form the basis of a TEEB Country Study for Georgia.

Implementers and donors: Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia, WWF- Caucasus, United Nations Environment Programme



TEEB for the Forestry Sector of Adjara Autonomous Republic

December 2016 – The study assesses the economic value of forest ecosystem services under alternative scenarios for future forest management, focusing on ecosystem services that are of high importance and potentially threatened, and prepares relevant policy recommendations.



Cover page TEEB Georgia StudyTEEB Georgia Scoping Study

September 2013 – The scoping study identifies five core sectors of Georgian economy applicable for a more detailed TEEB study these are energy, tourism, agriculture, mining, and forestry. The study highlights the substantial dependence of these driving forces of Georgian economy on natural capital and the services it provides.


cover for Georgia reportTEEB Scoping Study for Georgia: Main Findings and Way Forward

September 2013: is a summary of the scoping study. It identifies the five core sectors of Georgian economy applicable for the TEEB Initiative and highlights the main findings of the scoping study.