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TEEB India


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The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India formally initiated the TEEB study in February 2011. The Minister stated the ministry’s commitment to developing a framework for green national accounts by 2015, facilitated by TEEB India. Consultations in February 2011 and September 2011 led to identification of three biophysical sectors critical to India. Findings from investigating these sectors were presented in an initial assessment and scoping report at COP11, Hyderabad, India (October 2012).  The report lays out high level methodology for doing an ecoystem based economic valuation. Current efforts are to bring policy relevance to further investigations for TEEB in India, and increase its technical scope from economic valuation to a broader recognition of natural capital.

Ecosystem: Forests, Inland wetlands, Coastal and marine ecosystems

Implementers and Donors: Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India; TBA



Natural Capital of Wetlands in India: Synthesis of the Wetlands Thematic Area of TII (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity India Initiative)

Wetlands underpin societal well-being in a number of ways, yet are under threat from a range of anthropogenic, and non-anthropogenic drivers and pressures. As public goods, a large category of wetland ecosystem services and biodiversity values are not factored in decision-making, thereby resulting in wetlands being converted for alternate uses.The synthesis report is presented in five sections. Following a context setting introduction, section 2 outlines the status, trends and key management challenges facing wetlands of India. Section 3 summarizes the need for and the state-of-theart of valuation of wetland ecosystem services in India. Section 4 summarizes the outputs from the pilot projects. Section 5 provides recommendations for various stakeholder groups to support mainstreaming of wetland biodiversity and ecosystem services values in developmental programming. Download the synthesis report.


2014-02-20_164040Press Brief : India launches major new study for valuation of its natural capital and ecosystem services

2011- The Ministry of Environment and Forests initiated a major new programme to value the immense wealth of natural resources and biodiversity in India.