CBD COP13 – Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Well-Being

04.12.16 - 17.12.16

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The Thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-13), the Eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (COP-MOP-8) and the Second meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization (COP-MOP-2), will be held at the Moon Palace Convention Centre, Cancun, Mexico, from 4 to 17 December 2016.



Final TEEB Country Study International Workshop

TEEB will organise an international workshop (by invitation only) in Cancún, México from 4 to 7 of December in the margins of the CBD COP to share experiences, expertise and interim results with the international community. The primer focus will be on Bhutan, Ecuador, Liberia, Philippines, and Tanzania. [read more]



TEEB side events at the CBD COP13


1. TEEBAgriFood. A comprehensive framework to assess the eco-agri-food systems complex

       Tuesday 6 December 13:15 (Cancun Local Time) – Contact group 4 – Universal Building – Moon Palace

The session will set out the rationale for the framework, and provide examples from the exploratory sector studies commissioned by TEEBAgriFood that partially populate this framework.


2. TEEB Country studies – progress in recognizing, demonstrating and capturing value 

       Tuesday 6 December 18:15 (Cancun Local Time) – Contact group 4 – Universal Building – Moon Palace

The session is structured so as to allow a presentation of and commentary and critique of the TEEB approach, with representation from the TEEB pilot countries and those that are to be involved in the next tranche of TEEB Country studies.

3. TEEB and SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting

       Tuesday 13 December 13:15 (Cancun Local Time) – Contact group 4 – Universal Building – Moon Palace

The session will set out lessons learned from this NORAD project, looking forward to a new EC-funded project on SEEA-EEA in Brazil, India, China, South Africa and Mexico that is intended to apply the EEA methodology in full, to include valuation. The session will also present lessons learned from a joint PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment) – INEGI (Mexico) initiative that has applied EEA, in which the potential to develop ecosystem condition accounts using the GLOBIO biodiversity model has been assessed. UNEP-WCMC will also present recent experimental work on biodiversity accounts.



TEEB @ Other Events


Business and Biodiversity Forum 2016
Mainstreaming Biodiversity: opportunities for businesses

Saturday 3 December 14:15 – Session G: Agriculture
Universal Building – Moon Palace

The negative impact of current agricultural practices on ecosystems and biodiversity has increased dramatically, while the biological and genetic diversity of these ecosystems still need to be taken into account to ensure sustained and sustainable food systems. During this session, business opportunities and challenges of sustainable agriculture will be discussed.



International cooperation and exchange for biodiversity conservation:
Dialogue on National TEEB Implementation

Wednesday 7 December 13:15
Contact group 4 – Universal Building – Moon Palace

Brazil, India and Germany are implementing TEEB initiatives in their respective countries at national and subnational levels for mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services values into developmental planning and policies. GIZ, jointly with UNEP, has established a dialogue format for peer-to-peer exchange and joint learning amongst these countries on TEEB implementation and possible routes for mainstreaming biodiversity into policy at different levels. The side event will bring these countries together  to present and share their experiences in TEEB Implementation and how they are using TEEB study results in national and sub-national policy processes and developmental planning.

Event co-host by Brazil. India, the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).


China TEEB National Action Plan and its practices at local level

Thursday 8 December 13:15
Like Minded Mega Diverse Regional Group meeting room
Sunrise Bukding (Second Floor) – Moon Palace

China has initiated an action plan for the Economics of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity (TEEB) at national level since 2014 in order to show the values of ecosystem services and biodiversity to governmental officials, stakeholders such as business and public. This initiative has been incorporated into international TEEB Initiative which led by UNEP in 2014. Having been intensively implemented by a number of institutions for nearly three years, China has attempted to develop methodologies of valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services at national level. A national valuation of ecosystem services and biodiversity has been completed and announced in 2015. Mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation at local level especially at county level is being a challenge in China due to vast territory and diverse of local situations.

Event co-host by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) and UNEP.


Forest and Agriculture Day
Complementing the roles of agriculture and forestry to achieve
socio-ecological and sustainable development priorities

Friday 9 December 9:30/20:00 – Rio Conventions’ Pavilion

A forum for countries and organizations to showcase applications of integrated land use planning and management, and measures involving diverse stakeholders to ensure 2 equitable and environmentally sound approaches to food security and sustainable forest management. The Forest and Agriculture Day will bring the perspectives of different stakeholders to describe why, how and who are championing solutions for producers to improve their livelihoods, increase productivity and reduce losses and waste.


About CBD COP 13

The COP It is the highest governing body of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). It brings together representatives of the countries party managers and key players to promote the implementation of the Convention. The High Level Segment will precede the Meetings on 2 and 3 December 2016.

During COP 13, about ten thousand participants, including representatives of the countries parties, observer countries, international organizations and others interested will meet in Cancun to negotiate agreements and commitments that give impulse to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity as well as the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the Aichi goals.

In the context of the COP 13 will be also held various difusion events, exhibitions, presentations, fairs, forums (business, civil society, youth, indigenous people and local communities, cities and subnational governments, among others)


More information: http://cop13.mx/en/ 


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