European Society of Agronomy Conference 2016

05.09.16 - 09.09.16

European Society of Agronomy Conference 2016. The conference theme “Growing Landscapes – Cultivating innovative agricultural systems” recognizes that agriculture is the dominant use of land in Europe. Most of our landscapes are places where food and fibre is grown for our use, but they also provide us with a wide range of ecosystem goods and services. Agronomic research underpins the development and management of innovative agricultural systems from crop to field to landscape scale and seeks to balance the delivery of all ecosystem services from land. The congress will be the opportunity to share the latest findings from research and practice, build new networks and collaborations and explore the relationship between land and food in Scotland – The Land of Food and Drink.

The local organizing committee is working away at arrangements for lectures, field trips and fun! The Congress Dinner is booked for the National Museum of Scotland ( and I am already looking forward to that evening. We are also hoping to offer you a visit to the Whisky Centre, a pipe band and possibly ghost walks through Edinburgh.

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