TEEB scoping mission to Bhutan

10.03.14 - 14.03.14

In October 2012, five countries Bhutan, Ecuador, Liberia, Philippines and Tanzania, expressed interest to undertake TEEB country studies under the umbrella project Reflecting the Value of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Policy-making. This pilot project is financially supported by the European Commission and will be implemented over a period of three years until 2015.

The scoping mission to Bhutan is the first step in the implementation of the project and aims to:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Explain the aims of the project and solicit policy priorities
  • Identify an institution to undertake technical components of the study: and
  • Discuss tentative project deliverables and timelines with the Government of Bhutan.

A TEEB country study is an in-depth examination to identify ways to work with nature to meet specific policy priorities and thematic concerns of the country. Within a TEEB country study, the ecosystem services that are vital to meeting a country’s policy priorities are identified and examined in detail, and recommendations are made so that these services can be internalized into policies. A guidance manual was developed in May 2013 as  a resource for countries interested in undertaking a TEEB country study.

A TEEB country study helps to answer the following questions:

  • What is the natural capital in your country and what is driving change?
  • Do we measure and understand our natural capital?
  • To what extent are the values of nature integrated in decision-making?
  • What are the issues that need policy attention?
  • What are the policy tools and decision options that offer solutions?

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