TEEB Tanzania Technical Meeting

29.06.16 - 01.07.16

Technical Meeting to ensure timely integration between valuation
and biophysical analyses for TEEB Tanzania

University of Dar es Salaam
29 June – 1 July

RufijiRiverTanzaniaThe University of Dar es Salaam holds this Technical Meeting before starting to conduct the scenario analyses for the Rufiji River Basin. The work of the University however is limited to the biophysical components of TEEB Tanzania, but the valuation component would be integrated. To ensure that this integration is timely and relevant, there needs to be a wider stakeholder discussion on the types of indicators that would result from the biophysical work, and how these would be translated into valuation.

Tanzania’s Rufiji River Basin exemplifies the tensions between growth and environment. The Basin covers an area of 177,420 square kilometers and plays a critical role in Tanzania’s development plans, particularly as they relate to food and water security. TEEB Tanzania will inform land use policies in the Rufiji River Basin. Many agriculture and water projects are planned in the basin as part of the government’s Big Results Now (BRN) Initiative.

More information on TEEB Tanzania: www.teebweb.org/areas-of-work/teeb-country-studies/tanzania

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