TEEB Workshop on Consumption

21.10.15 - 24.10.15

The Impact of Consumption on Ecosystems and Biodiversity Beyond Borders
– A TEEB Perspective –
International Workshop, Isle of Vilm, Germany 21 – 24 October 2015


In a globalised world and with increasing demand for food and changing consumption patterns the strain on ecosystem and biodiversity beyond boarders is growing substantially. This is what footprint analysis, the living planet index and other useful approaches indicate globally, nationally and sub-nationally. Yet, what specifically are key causes and factors for ecosystem degradation and loss of biodiversity elsewhere as a result of unfavorable consumption patterns? What methods are useful to trace evidence and develop solutions to adapt demand for harmful consumer products? What initiatives exist already to tackle the emerging problem and, last but not least, what role could TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) plays to raise awareness and instigate action.


Since 2007, TEEB has contributed significantly to value the benefits of ecosystems and biodiversity to societies around the world. Currently, a global TEEB study focusing on agriculture and food is carried out as well as a number of TEEB Country Studies.


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