TEEBAgriFood, lecture and discussion

19.05.16 - 19.05.16

TEEBAgriFood lecture and discussion with Professor Salvatore Di Falco


Visiting lecturer: Professor Salvatore Di Falco

Professor of Environmental Economics, Director of the Institute of Economics and Econometrics (IEE), Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) – Université de Genève

Thursday 19 May – 13:30-14:45
International Environmental House 1
Conference Room 2


SalvatoreDiFalcoProf. Salvatore’s research focuses on the intersection between environmental and development economics using econometric models. He has analyzed the contribution of natural resources such as biodiversity on agricultural productivity, food security, and weather risk in arid environments. His work also focuses on the role of institutional structures (common property forests) on natural resource conservation, rural development and poverty reduction. More recent work includes the impact of social capital and traditional sharing norms on consumption, saving accumulation, investment decisions and adaptation to climate change.


Dr. Salman Hussain, TEEB Coordinator, will host and introduce the meeting, presenting the TEEBAgriFood project. Prof. Salvatore Di Falco will then discuss his research (see selected publications) and linkages with TEEBAgriFood and the wider UNEP ETB portfolio


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