The future of food – the future of biodiversity?

21.10.15 - 22.10.15

The future of food – the future of biodiversity? – Symposium
Organized by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

21-22 October 
Regent´s Park, London

A major symposium on the global impacts of UK food consumption.

Palm-oil-2000x1125Food for humans and conservation are in conflict. The challenge for humanity is how is to produce more food for more people on less land and with less environmental impact. Feeding people should not come at the expense of biodiversity. Even if everything remains unchanged, the struggle will be to provide enough food for the human population because of climate change, urbanisation and land degradation.

The number of mouths to feed is expected to have increased in 2050 by two billion. Demand for improved food quality will also grow as more people move out of poverty. How can the food demands of a larger global population be met without further loss of biodiversity? The need for far-sighted action is imperative to ensure that supplies of food for people and animals are to be produced sustainably.

The aim of this symposium is to find ways to avoid these otherwise seemingly inevitable conflicts. As a major conservation organisation, ZSL is eager to find solutions.

The symposium will bring together conservationists and interested parties who represent all levels of the foodproduction chain, including scientists, economists, farmers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Issues such as achieving greater coordination between conservationists and the producers of crops (e.g. palm oil and soya), applying scientific knowledge to utilise agricultural land more efficiently, and the impact of the UK’s global food footprint, will be discussed.

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