The 2030 Agenda is indivisible, we cannot cherry pick the SDGs

The 2030 Agenda is indivisible, we cannot cherry pick the SDGs. UN member states agreed that the SDGs are indivisible and should be implemented in an integrated manner. The SDGs have been framed with a particular consideration for the interconnectedness of People, Planet, Prosperity, Justice and Peace.

annex-sdgs-and-teebagrifoodAgriculture and food systems interact through a complex range of multi-layered mechanisms with all SDGs. These interactions operate through climate systems, markets and policy, often involving potential trade-offs or managing risks between different SDGs. For example, pulling people out of poverty (SDG1) may go hand in hand with changing food diets with potentially several billions of people eating more meat and dairy products. Research shows that this may put an enormous pressure on global food demands (SDG2) and ecosystems (SDG15). A lack of holistic policy realignment to address these trade-offs would put most of the SDG objectives out of reach. This requires therefore firm and holistic measures such as shaping people’s diet choices (12, part of SDG3), wise use biofuels (SDG7) and reducing food losses and waste (SDG 12). Indeed, a systems perspective on food systems will deliver many co-benefits within and between multiple SDGs that currently remain too often hidden for policy makers.