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The Importance of Biodiversity for Mexico

Mexico is one of the most megadiverse countries of the world. Although the Mexican territory represents only 1% of the earth's surface, it hosts more than 10% of the world's biological diversity (CONABIO, 2014). Thanks to its geographic location and formation, Mexico presents a great diversity of ecosystems, such as: temperate climate, tropical ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, freshwater life and coastal and marine ecosystems. 30 to 35% of the national territory is covered by forests, jungle or other types of vegetation, and according to a study by FAO, Mexico ranks number 12 in terms of global forest area. In addition, many of the species in Mexico are endemic, which means native to the Mexican territory. read more ]

TEEB Mexico

The TEEB Initiative for Mexico aims at reducing the pressures on and threats to natural resources of the country by incorporating the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services in economic decision making in the public and private sector. [read more]

TEEB related initiatives

Several efforts seeking to integrate the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services into decision making are ongoing in Mexico, complementary to the TEEB for Mexico Initiative. Find here more information to selected initiatives. [read more]


A global ‘TEEB for Agriculture & Food’ study, coordinated by the UNEP TEEB Office,  is being conducted as a widely consultative study, modeled on the original TEEB, will  bring together economists, business leaders, agriculturalists, and experts in biodiversity and ecosystems to provide comprehensive assessments of the ‘eco-agri-food systems’ complex. [read more]

TEEB Initiative Focal Points:

UNEP Mexico Office: Dorothee.Georg.Affiliate@pnuma.org 
UNEP TEEB Office: teeb@unep.org 


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